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Lithuanian design identity: traditions made contemporary Recently, Lithuanian design has gained momentum and new interest not only in Lithuania but also in Europe and the rest of the world.


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On art works in interiors or interiors without measure by Indra Marcinkevičienė What is the recipe for a successful experimental interior, which mistakes should be avoided when purchasing a new work of art and why paintings should not be placed next to other paintings? Answering questions on links between works of art and interiors is the founder of “Interjeras be saiko” (eng. “Interiors without measure”) Indra Marcinkevičienė – an eccentric and original interiors and furniture designer. She’s not afraid to mix bright colours, styles or materials to create surprising contrasts. Boredom, in her words, “is the worst thing that can happen.” Marcinkevičienė, who became known as an interior designer, has recently created original design products, such as settees, chairs and textile works. Art critic V. Vitkienė when writing about Marcinkevičienė, says: “by designing the furniture the designer creates an object with distinctive meaning, combining function and mystery. Her created interiors fascinate us by the balance, playfulness and individuality between works of art and the furniture that match them”.

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TADAM! Design

At a first glance TADAM! Design pieces can easily be mistaken for real sweets - baked and glazed dream treats. Just hearing what's on the menu - vanilla doughnut with white chocolate sprinkles, chocolate doughnut dipped in chocolate and gold or coconut confection - makes your mouth water. However, this is where a sign should appear: Warning - not edible! 0 calories. Ordinary sweets in TADAM! Design's collection "Sweet Course for Your Eyes" have taken on a new meaning - they have become conceptual jewellery pieces to adorn a woman's neck. Handmade ceramic jewellery mirrors the everyday real or imaginary deserts. The shape and lightness of texture as well as gold and platinum decoration elements give the pieces a touch of elegance. In the near future, TADAM! Design team are planning to experiment with new materials, ingredients and "flavours".