Curtain opens. A conscious decision meets irrational unknown. A gaze crosses the threshold of the screen. One can smell the humid in the air and it turns on another code of watching and seeing. Micro-cosmos of the courtyards with wooden houses, faded patina of a paint, wet trunks existing on themselves - all together come in a common order in between the earth and the sky. A wave from the past breaks up in the sea of present. Water ripples as a wood section. Things put in a new order despite they have had one before. ------------ New Stories Written With Wood On Water - is a cycle of new works created in 2015, fruited practicing long walks in a Baltic Sea hometown and studio processes of painting and sewing. The body of work contains etudes of various sizes, where painted layers overlap with sewed stitches, also several cross-embroidered canvases of bigger scale are displayed. Visual language is developed by textures and details - kinds of site specific signs and artifacts. Painting, pouring, washing, engraving is used to affect the canvas. There are some golds. The canvas covered by various kinds of dispersion is partly stitched, so a texture with optic illusion enters. Viewing point and the light makes sense when observing, it intensifies the image. The cycle is new thematically. Architectural detail of wooden joint dominates here, it constructs the image. Also slight reflection towards the works of Ingas' previous works is visible. One of these is the canvas with the rasterized sea image: picture of former stitched linear wave was used to built a new pattern. Several works depict red theater curtain, it exposes authors' movie goer position to watch and treat surroundings. As well it's kind of jump to a previous creative work with an intention to join perspectives of past and future.

About author

I wish to stop you for a moment. Lose yourself in a sea of stitches, let your mind flow on it.

Inga Liksaite is a visual artist. In her creative practice, mainly focused through a textile surface perspective, Inga works in solo, but also periodically involves in creative collaboration with other creators, architects, interior designers. Inga was born in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 1972, recent years she's based in Berlin. Her work has been shown actively in Lithuanian and European art scene since 2000. Over the years she has developed her unique aesthetic language. Liksaite's textiles, mostly recognizable as moderated images, rhythmically stitched, come as sewn, embroidered wall canvases, sometimes develop into three-dimensional objects or installations, or in collegial work with other artists get a shape of moving pictures. Therefore time consuming processes are inevitable in her stitched work, but together the creative territory shifts circularly when reviewing creativity in a time-line, a unique creative transformation evolves. Over the years she has acquired valuable collaboration experiences with artists working in other mediums, among others a contemporary dance-textile art project commissioned by Kaunas Art Biennial (2011). She has received numerous distinctions for her solo works, including the prestigious Embroidery Guild Grand Prize at international Art Of The Stitch Award (Birmingham 2007) and Grand Prize at Still-Life, Pfaff Challenge (London, 2007)

Inga Liksaite


Year: 2015 Form of art: Mixed media Style: Abstract expressionism Technique: Acrylic and sewing on canvas Size: 140.00 x 55.00 x 1.60 cm 1950
€ 1950
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