“Old Drivers” is a project with no analogues, in which attempts are made to compare photographic and film stills on the physical and thinking level. The project is formed of original photographic portraits of film format which are displayed in complete darkness. Seria "Old Drivers" was showed in “PhotoVille”, New York, USA, also in an exhibition in New Zealand. Several works from series "Old Drivers" was sold at art fair "Art Vilnius", 2016. Framed, C print mounted on aluminium Tirage 1/5

About author

Donatas Stenkevičius (born 1984 in Kaunas) – the photographer of the younger generation. Member of Lithuanian Art Photographers' Association. From 2012 has a status of art creator (Ministry of Culture of the republic of Lithuania). Graduated engineering studies, studied Graphics Design at Kaunas School of Applied Arts. Works at the Union of Lithuanian Art photographers, Kaunas department. Teaching contemporary photography at Kaunas college, Justino Vienožinskio Faculty of Arts, Department of Photography. Photographer of National Kaunas Drama Theatre. Head of art collective "Photo Studio", Kaunas University of Technology. Founder of alternative photo festival in Kaunas "Photo Off“. Mostly focuses on contemporary photography and social projects. Time after time curating photo exhibitions. Donatas made 11 personal exhibitions in UK, Georgia, USA and Lithuania. Participated in many group exhibitions in France, Portugal, Germany, Georgia, Armenia, Hungary, Russia and Lithuania. Initiated several social, artistic projects.

Personal exhibitions: 2010 Welcome in Berlin, F gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania // 2011 Nobody’s dog, Kaunas school of Arts and Crafts // 2011 Nobody’s dog , National Kaunas Drama Theatre // 2012 Outgoing generation. Majavos Kaunas, Christ’s resurrection church // 2013 Outgoing generation. Majavos, Cultural center, Žiežmariai, Lithuania // 2014 Made Corrections, West Bank gallery. London, UK // 2014 Reselling, Art fair „Art’Vilnius“ , Vilnius, Lithuania // 2014 On the bus stop, Gallery „Container“, Tbilisi, Georgia // 2014 Old drivers, „Photoville“, New York, USA // 2014 Reselling, Vilnius photography gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania Group exhibitions: 2008 Freedom to photography, Kaunas Picture Gallery // 2009 Exhibition with three foreign authors (Alison Carey, Manuel Nunes de Almeida, Michelle Lord) Create your own world, Maironis Lithuanian Literature museum // 2009 Freedom to photography, Kaunas airport // 2010 Freedom to photography, Kaunas central bus station // 2010 Freedom to photography, Alytus theatre, Lithuania // 2010 FotoLab , in co-operation with Byelorussian university in Vilnius LitPro. Workshop, topic: isolation. Group exhibition, Fluxus ministry, Vilnius. Photography series // 2010 Exhibition Madamarfozes, Beauty therapy and surgery clinic, Vilnius // 2010 Exhibition Another culture, Centre of Different Cultures of Nations, Kaunas // 2010 Project Format at Baltic Street Photography: Publicly privatized, UK // 2011 Exhibition The dialog of the generations, gallery of Karl Bulla, St. Petersburg, Russia // 2011 Exhibition Madamarfozes, vcup, Vilnius 2011 Exhibition Take it or leave it, K. Donelaičio 60 Art Space, Kaunas Photo festival // 2011 Exhibition Take it or leave it, Ado Galera, Alytus, Lithuania // 2012 Exhibition La Tribu, Les Traditions, Les Tendances , Festival Les Photaumnales, Bovais, France // 2012 Exhibition Facing youth , Festival Encontros da imagem, Braga, Portugal // 2013 Exhibition “Visual Explorations in an Undiscovered // Continent” Festival Photosummer, Germany // 2013 Exhibition The dialog of the generations. Weekdays, Tbilisi National museum, Georgia // 2013 Exhibition The dialog of the generations. Weekdays, Yerevan, Armenia // 2014 Exhibition Traces – Contemporary Baltic Photography, Budapest, Hungary // 2015 Exhibition Earth, Air, Water at Photo Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand // 2016 m. Exhibition The Value of street, Žilinsko dailės galerija, Kaunas Social projects: 2010 Creative – social project Donatas Stankevičius. Open Air, in co-operation with Lithuanian Academy of Fine Arts, show Art pause // 2010 Kaunas days participant, topic of the show: ecology and fashion // 2010 Creative – social project Donatas Stankevičius Open Air Kaunas old town // 2011 Personal photography project Isolation Integration

Donatas Stankevičius

Old drivers

Year: 2015 Form of art: Photography Style: Realism Technique: C print Size: 59.00 x 33.00 x 0.00 cm 780
€ 780
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