REWIND HISTORY is a series of artworks that questions the understanding of textile as a genre of reproduction that has been formed in art history. The series was exhibited in Kaunas biennial exhibition Rewind History curated by Rasa Andriušytė-Žukienė. The curator highlighted the aspect of reproduction (which is inseparable from both the history of tapestry in Western Europe from the 17th century to the 20th century and Jacquard weaving technology) as the foundation of creative interpretations at the exhibition. She asked textile artists that are currently active what Lithuanian artists and works have had an impact on their creative decisions, or are simply remarkable or had become visual icons. She selected a collection from the works mentioned by the artists, which then became a subjective (textile) Lithuanian art history of the 20th and 21st century. 

The artworks were shown in Kaunas Biennial in 2011, at Estonian Museums of Applied Art and Design, the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza (Portugal).

THE ARTWORK. RIMVIDAS JANKAUSKAS-KAMPAS. Black Sun. 1993. Oil on canvas. 100 x 172,5 cm. Property of Remigijus Grėbliūnas.

Rimvidas Jankauskas (1957-1993), nicknamed Kampas, was a totally atypical personality in Lithuanian art. He brought a principle of unseen inner freedom and carefree courageousness to Lithuanian painting. His painting is marked by a hypertrophied expressivism, spontaneity, and even brutalness. His works openly and accurately express the world view of his generation, city kids of the 1970s and 1980s who considered themselves the successors of the hippies.

There are many abstract improvisations in Kampas’ painting. Music plays a role in his painted visions. However a motif that was seen in reality, the city or in nature and the emotional impulse he got out of it was just as important to him. Two main motifs of Kampas’ painting had a tangible basis in his Lithuanian surroundings. It is one that is familiar to a number of artists, but it was only Kampas that was able to touch its essence, such as the Kaunas Synagogue in the Old Town that isn’t working anymore and Ventės Ragas, a village of fishermen and birds in the Curonian Lagoon. The synagogue’s interior inspired the appearance of wonderful paintings that seemed to have been painted in one breath (“Good bye, Sinagoga”, 1991, “Dilapidated Synagogue” (“Apleista sinagoga”, 1993)). The landscapes of Ventės Ragas with people rowing in boats were painted impulsively (“Black Sun”, 1993). There was no time for details in the heat of painting, and the simplified motif takes on a symbolic meaning.

In 1993 he died suddenly at the age of thirty-five. The picture “Black Sun” unexpectedly took on a tragic tone and gained additional connotations of the “Island of the Dead” and “Crossing the Styx”. Kampas was and has remained the standard of a courageous artist, a free bohemian personality and deeply sensitive artist. An artist whose life and creative experiences no one could ever manage to repeat.



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Siekia tapti analitiniu šiuolaikinės kultūros centru Europoje:
Siekiame, kad Kauno bienalė taptų reikšmingu šiuolaikinio meno renginiu Europoje, analitiškai reflektuojančiu pasaulyje vykstančius meno procesus, aktualizuojančiu kūrybinio bendradarbiavimo, atvirumo ir demokratiškumo prioritetus meno kūrimo ir vartojimo procesuose, neretai žvelgiant per tekstiliškumo prizmę. 

Kuria situacijas kūrybiniam bendradarbiavimui:
Kauno bienalė yra konceptuali platforma ir reali galimybė menininkų debiutams ir novatoriškų idėjų įgyvendinimui, žiūrovų ir menininkų bendradarbiavimui, bendruomeniškumo per kūrybines veiklas skatinimui, tarpdisciplininėms meno ir mokslo praktikoms, tarptautinėms ir tarpkontinentinėms partnerystėms ir diskursyvios tekstilės kultūros kūrimui.

Nuolat keičiasi:
Kiekvienas bienalės renginys kuriamas naujai, t.y. keičiant struktūrą, dalyvavimo sąlygas, parodų pobūdį, koncepciją, įtraukiant [naujus] partnerius, kuratorius, menininkus, kultūros žmones bendram tikslui – komunikacijai per šiuolaikinio meno sklaidą ir kūrybinius procesus.

Kauno bienalės tikslai:
– Tarptautiniu lygmeniu skatinti šiuolaikinio meno dinamiką, atskleisti šiuolaikinės tekstilės reikšmę, galimybes bei raiškos būdus vizualiųjų menų, dizaino, naujųjų / aukštųjų technologijų bei santykio su konkrečia erdve (site specific) srityse;
– kurti ir stiprinti Kauno kaip tekstilės kultūros miesto įvaizdį, organizuojant vieną reikšmingiausių Europoje bei visame pasaulyje konceptualaus tekstilės meno parodų;
– Bienalės metu edukacinėmis programomis ir bendradarbiavimo projektais sukurti diskursyvią aplinką ir užtikrinti maksimalų kultūros prieinamumą įvairaus amžiaus ir pomėgių grupėms Kaune.


Kauno bienalė

Rewind History

Year: 2011 Form of art: Textile Style: Expressionism Technique: Computerized Jacquard loop Size: 290.00 x 170.00 x 3.00 cm 3280
€ 3280
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