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The Lithuanian artist Andrius Kviliunas (1972) 
became interested in the possibilities of video arts while studying 
in Vilnius Art Academy, painting department. The first video installations 
determined the deserved recognition of the author. 

These works of A.K. are valuable first of all because of their distinctive, 
suggestive cathartic effect, which is determined by the lucid unity of 
form and content and also by je ne sais qui (uncertainty), it means - 
by the qualities, specific exceptionally to real works of art, which makes 
these works of art unforgettable, unlike anything else. 

So today, when in the Gallery of St. Jonas Street in Vilnius we can see 
for the first time all review of A.K. visual works assembled in one place, 
the artistic society can rightly hope to experience unseen visual 
adventure. These hopes are not in vain. More than 40 exhibitions in 
several Lithuanian and European cities where A.K. was exhibiting 
since 1993, strongly suggests, that the author is one of the most 
brilliant and distinctive artist now creating in the field of video art 
in Lithuania. 

During the last decade of the last century the number of various artists 
were trying their lucks in video arts, but probably only A.K. was 
explicating his searches so consistently and, in spite of variable 
success - nereikia HE insistently continues his experiments and researches. 
The faithfulness of his way of _expression is worth discussion 
for the few reasons. 

Because of non existing worthy contemporary art market in 
Lithuania, and also because of specific origin of visual art, (according 
to mentality of Lithuanian farmer or even homo soveticus it is 
unimaginable and doubtfully will be imaginable the idea of purchasing 
something, what you can copy free), the creating of this sort of art 
finds itself at the edge of the private leisure spending form. 
The spur to continue the march of oeuvre comes from commitment, 
romanticism, idealism or illusion - all antique equipment of 
DonQuixote’s inspirations. But what separates (or used to separate) 
the artistic creative work from other spheres of human activities, is - 
that sometimes, in a very rare occasions - it is the condition of artist’s 
existence itself. 

Does the creative work of A.K. is the reason of his existence? The 
answer is hidden in the creations and there you have to look for it. 
The visual grammar of A.K., the way he builds his visual text and the 
content of the visual message he is transmitting to the conceiver - I want to concentrate my and viewer’s attention on. (these things ištrinti) 
The analysis of these complicated narrative and formal elements 
would allow to find at least the conventional answers to the questions 
above and also recognize the real values of A.K. pieces of art, or to 
describe the hand of their creator. To find out these values you do not 
need any special knowledge or any esoteric insight, because the 
creations are not hermetical. Opposite - they are clear and transparent, 
in other words - sincere and open to the viewer (sometimes to the point 
of pain). This candour is the genuine value of these art objects. 

Personal and intimate confrontation with the beauty and sores of the 
world as well as human being eliminates the cold rationality or non - 
obligatory intellectual game between The Author and The Viewer 
(”The Fall” 2000, “Me” 2003, “The Dusk” 2005). The themes of war, 
isolation, love, limits of knowledge, safety, fatality of human existence, 
doomsday - when spoken by A.K., sounds suggestible and original. 
The utopian ideas of personal fate, privacy, autonomy fall apart like 
a sand castles on the stormy beach. 

The impossibility, pain and horror of existence of separate, imprisoned 
in himself human being, the dramatic and comic of separation 
(”Isolated” 2001) are the strings joining this piece of art with the traditions 
of European literature. The author melts G.Grass’s “The Tin Drum” and 
his own visual text into new quality and this is a perfect example of the 
method, with the help of which A.K. establishes the universality of his art. 

The ambitions to create the art of high standard, inter-text, to synthesize 
cultural layers of different origin, different media (visual art, literature, 
music, television, net art) are surprising, because AK, otherwise than the 
world known Grands of video art as Godfrey Regio, Bill Viola (leave alone 
the global possibilities of film industry) doesn’t dispose of the team 
of producers, cameramen, gaffers, video-engineers, editors, sound 
editors - far from that, he himself is doing everything. That rather 
demands the qualities of Renaissance personality. 

The character, acting in A.K. visual world forces us to recall other 
heros of long lasting history of painting and literature: A.Watteu “Gilles”, 
F. Kafka’s Josef K. - outsiders and supermen, mischievous fake 
patients, secret saints. The dreams of A.K. are not temporary, 
fragmental, soon passing psycho states. These dreams can’t 
leave us indifferent, because if we give them more close look, we 
would recognize ourselves. 


Andrius Kviliūnas





1972 Lithuania, Panevezys


Lives and works in Panevezys



1991-1997 Vilnius Academy of Arts, Department of painting




Solo exhibitions:


2013 Still story, Gallery  XX, Panevezys

2013 ‘’Still story’’, Pamenkalnis Gallery, Vilnius

2013 So far so good, Galeryy XX, Panevezys

2011 Schuster Gallerie, Video Space, Miami

2010 ‘’Before the  Last Supper’’, Gallery XX, Panevezys

2010 ‘’Denkmal für unbekantem Künstler’’, Inerventions Raum, Stuttgart

2009 Schuster Gallery, Video Space, Berlin

2009 Video Works Review in JMVAC (Jonas Mekas Visual Art Centre), Vilnius

2007 Lost Paradise,  Gallery XX, Panevezys

2006 Dawn, St. John street gallery, Vilnius

2005m. AK 2003-2005  studio – gallery “D’arijaus papuošalai” , Vilnius

2003 AK 2002-03

2002 Corridors, gallery XX, Panevezys

2000 Passers, gallery XX, Panevezys

1998 Confessional, gallery XX, Panevezys,


Group exhibitions:


2014  Aukstaitija Art Days, Panevezys City Gallery

2013  Group exhibicion, Gallery XX, Panevezys

2011 ART Vilnius’ 11, Vilnius

2012 Aukstaitija Art Days, Panevezys City Gallery

2010 Contemporary Art From Lithuania, European Central Bank, Frankfut,


2009 ART Vilnius’ 09, Vilnius Lithuania

2009 The 2nd Quadrennial of Lithuanian Art, The Lithuanian Exhibition and convencion Centre, Vilnius



Lithuanian art: Panevezys.  National Historical and Art Museum of Kaliningrad, Russia


Lithuanian Artists’ Associaciation – 40, Gallery Arka, Vilnius

‘’Niir’’ , Jonas Mekas Visual Art Center, Vilnius

Lithuanians – Polish Video Art Excibition, Klaipeda



International performance festival 'Dimension 0', Trade union club 'Moulin Rouge'

Outlines of Experience, Vilnius

Weathering, Klaipeda Exhibition Palace. Klaipeda



Neopop-Art in Lithuanian, Gallery 'Intro', Vilnius

‘’Double Game’’, Gallery 'Vartai', Vilnius



Art of Aukstaitija 2005, “Gallery XX”, Panevezys

K- Jazz festival,  Vilnius

Homo Eraticus, Vilnius Old Town Space, Vilnius, Lithuania; Klaipeda Art Gallery, Klaipeda

N+1, Vilnius Old Town Space, Vilnius



THE BEST OF THE BEST OF ALL OF US, Siauliai Art Gallery,Siauliai

A. Moncys days, A.Moncys House-Museum, Palanga

Restarable Memory, Gallery 'Vartai', Vilnius

Panevezys Plein Air 'Paistrys'04' in memory of J. Zikaras, gallery XX, Panevezys

Panevezys people in Kaunas, Gallery Art Park, Kaunas

Project 'Biggest gallery'  in Vilnius Local Administration, Konstitution Avenue3; A. Moncys House-Museum presents 'Photo in the Interior



A. Moncys days, A.Moncys House-Museum, Palanga, Lithuania

Aquarium-2, Baroti gallery, Klaipeda

YM, Siauliai Art Gallery, Siauliai



Fears-Part 2, gallery Arka, Vilnius

Relatively Safe Places, Panevezys Art Gallery ,Panevezys

Fears-Part 1, Siauliai Art Gallery, Siauliai



Heads, Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas

Fears, A.Moncys House-Museum, Palanga

Panevezys Art Days 2001, Panevezys



You May Come Later, gallery of Stuttgart Art Academy, Stuttgart

Sound+Image/3 Voices, Panevezys Art Gallery,Panevezys, Vilnius

’’Heads’’ Gallery XX, Panevezys



Video Art show to condemn Vilnius Bank, Gallery XX, Panevezys

Sound+Image2, Siauliai Art Gallery, Siauliai

Sound+Image Laboratory, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius



 Performance 'From the Idea' Gallery XX, Panevezys

Art Genda 98,  Stockholm



 Great Exhibition of Dusseldorf 97Dusseldorf

200 Years to Painting Department, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

Unwanted, Art League, Vilnius

Group show, Art League, Vilnius



Forward-Back, HDK gallery, Berlin

Concept-Fact, Kaunas Picture Gallery, Kaunas

Water-Water, Reihe

From the Academy, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius



Group show, Gallery Arka, Vilnius

Andrius Taip


Year: 2009 Form of art: Painting Style: Pop Technique: Oil on canvas Size: 240.00 x 150.00 x 3.00 cm 1430
€ 1430
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