Who is Art-Cart?


Dear Art-Cart visitors and members,

with the start of the new virtual project the whole team at Art-Cart welcomes you and presents a selection of their favourite Art-Cart pieces!

1483308 10201728511887042 238597856 nVirginija Vitkienė – Doctor of Art History, curator of international art projects, art critic, since 2006 the director of the Kaunas biennial ( and PI “Kaunas biennial”. “Art-Cart project is a challenge for/by the Kaunas biennial team and we believe that in the future it will be a very important functional element of the organisation. Through this platform we will not only showcase the art pieces from the biennial, but we hope to also discover new talents, create and strengthen partnerships, prepare virtual collections that will function as exhibition presentations at international level. I wish the artists and the whole team success!”.      


1459804 10152068952554271 1826626478 nAna Čižauskienė is an art historian who has worked at the M. K. Čiurlionis Art Gallery, VMU Art Gallery “101” and since 2013 is a curator at the Kaunas biennial and the project manager of the virtual platform Art-Cart. “This project has been developed with huge enthusiasm from the initiators and the technical team. We are happy to welcome the first registered artists and their comments that allow us to find new solutions and ideas for the development of the website. We want to create a vibrant, cozy and functional international virtual environment for artists, collectors and art lovers. This year there are new interactive functions, improvements in payment process, art news and interviews with the most interesting artists presented on the website waiting for users. A lot of attention will be given to advertising in Lithuania and abroad. I hope that Art-Cart will become a convenient tool for young artists and designers who are eager to show their works to the international creative community.”

1176388 10151715842654495 1177267571 nAgnė Pinigienė is a public relations specialist who has worked at international festivals and projects that are mainly related to contemporary art and its disciplines. Agnė is currently responsible for the public communication of the contemporary art festival Kaunas biennial and the new project Art-Cart. “I am very pleased that a unique virtual project Art-Cart has started. More than once I have heard discussions amongst artist and people who are interested in contemporary art that there is a need for a space, which will be equally useful for artists as well as contemporary art collectors or just those who are interested in innovations in the arts. I believe and I know that Art-Cart will be exactly that platform which everyone so far has only spoken about.”


312822 10150439566001163 1501737473 nNeringa Stoškutė is a contemporary art and design curator. She has worked at the Design Museum, London, and has also curated exhibitions and organised various art events abroad. Neringa has joined the Kaunas biennial and Art-Cart team as a contemporary design consultant. “I am a strong advocate of multidisciplinary art and design and an enthusiast of the creative use of new technologies. I am interested in everything that is new and the new virtual project Art-Cart attracted me not only with its interactive design, but also with its sole purpose to create the only functioning platform in Lithuania, and perhaps the whole of Eastern Europe, that allows the artists to showcase and sell their work online”.


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