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June 18-21, 2014 virtual platform Art-Cart will be participating at the International Contemporary Art Fair ARTVILNIUS'14 held in Litexpo exhibition and congress centre. Art-Cart will be presenting a project eintitled "Disguise" by Greta Grendaitė and Tomas Vosylius. Grendaitė and Vosylius are two of the young generation of Lithuanian artists, both working in different media. Vosylius, who in 2004 completed a Masters degree in Sculpture at Vilnius Academy of Arts, currently teaches sculpture at the academy, makes works and actively participates in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, and is also a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association. Grendaitė also studied at Vilnius Academy of Arts but specialized in Graphics. During her studies and upon completing residencies in Japan, France and Italy the artist developed her practical skills. However, these artists are not only interesting as individuals, but they also create intriguing collaborative projects. While working together they introduce themselves as “Legal (Art) Lovers”. Their duo exhibition "Disguise" is dedicated to the city and its characters and was first presented in 2013 at “Meno parkas” gallery. Art critic Virginija Vitkienė said this of the project:

„An exhibition by Greta Grendaitė and Tomas Vosylius entitled “Disguises” on show in March 2013 at “Meno parkas” gallery in Kaunas points to the inner turmoil, multi-faced drama and comics. It is an investigation into the cultural and artistic human relationship with the city. Artists working in different media managed to create a single, multilayered narrative. Bronze cast characters created by Vosylius interact with Grendaitė’s “disguises”, drawn on enamel and “baked”, or dashed accross the paper in Japanese ink, or made with aplique, fixed in images.

The personalities who’s their inner transformations / disguises are recorded in drawings makes the audience question – where is the culmination? Where is the action? WHERE IS THE CITY?

The most conceptual thing in this exhibition is the fact that there is no city, it has been minimized and fragmented into a documentary: several facades stuck in drawings (“Voids”), photographs of the backstreets and flea markets in Paris. Artists translate the action into a person obsessed with advertisement and guises. Some of the characters the artists saw in reality, but the imagination has stretched them. The cosmological, harmonious structure of the exhibition (the physical frame of the exhibition) is intersected by the phantom movements of the anonymous characters. So, the artists present the concept of the city not as urbs (city of stone) but as civitas (city of people).“ // Kultūros barai, No 3, 2013.

See artworks by Greta Grendaitė and Tomas Vosylius available for purchase below the article!

Exhibition DISGUISE by Greta Grendaite Tomas Vosylius. Photo by Airida Rekstyte. 2013. a

DISGUISE | Greta Grendaite, Tomas Vosylius | 2013, gallery "Meno parkas" | Photo by Airia Rekstyte

Airidos foto IMG 5479

DISGUISE | Greta Grendaite, Tomas Vosylius | 2013, gallery "Meno parkas" | Photo by Airia Rekstyte

Airidos foto IMG 5480

DISGUISE | Greta Grendaite, Tomas Vosylius | 2013, gallery "Meno parkas" | Photo by Airia Rekstyte

IMG 1765

Greta Grendaite and Tomas Vosylius at their studio.

For more information on ARTVILNIUS'14 visit their website.

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