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One Dream Trio


From 9th July to 2nd September, 2015 the virtual platform ART-CART.eu is presenting an exhibition of paintings entitled One Dream Trio at the Kempinski Hotel.

“On a philosophical level surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of certain forms of previously neglected associations, in the omnipotence of dream, in the disinterested play of thought”, – said the surrealist theorist André Breton. The surrealist reality and the impression of dreams are created in the exhibition of the works by painters Miglė Kosinskaitė, Andrius Miežis and Linas Liandzbergis on show at Kempinski Hotel. The artists’ works all share the painterly expression of subconscious surrealism and pop art, and seem to travel through different states of troubled sleep: from masked faces (Miglė Kosinskaitė) through fantastical creatures and episodes (Andrius Miežis) to bright geometric shapes (Linas Liandzbergis).

M. Kosinskaitė’s canvas paintings immerse the viewer into the first deep state of sleep. The images of female figures convey the different states of being, feelings and uncomfortable situations. Mysterious, sometimes voyeuristic view points seen as reflections in a mirror or perhaps the still shots from an old film stare at the viewer even more intensely than the viewer stares at the painting. The captured moment also acts as one of Miglė’s created characters.

The delta waves of deep sleep stir Miglė’s sensitive paintings turning the romantic figures into ironic, unearthly, iridescent creatures of A. Miežis. In the hallucinogenic spiral without a start or an end colourful creatures open up the world of associations, illusions and childhood memories: the square paper of a first grade maths workbook, the crying malevolent fish and beastly plants create surrealist works painted in realistic pop art style.

REM – the restless state of sleep – L. Liandzbergis paintings present views on consumerist irony, the advances in new technologies and the monotony of the everyday. The artist, who has established himself in the pop art field, in the foreground of his paintings depicts brightly coloured flat geometric forms on realistic natural landscape backgrounds. This duality between the romantic and the ironic reality muddle up the relationship between dream and fact.

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