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Art-Cart presents a collection of the new generation of emerging artists’ original prints, which were produced using a variety of printmaking techniques, a wide range of themes and subject matter illustrating today’s trends in the printmaking field. 

Works by Eglė Šakalytė, based on glitch aesthetics, explore the themes on modern communication, representation and technological development. Distorting and manipulating the original image Šakalytė interprets the aesthetic elements of miscommunication, error and chaos. Works are completed using screen-printing technique. 

Exceptionally colourful pieces by Aistė Papartytė from the series “Physical activities” are not shy of humour. The sports figures are stripped of their equipment and the athletic stage setting is filled the strangeness and oddity of their normal behavior. Completed using screen-printing technique.

A series of large format monotypes by Živilė Minkutė touches the intangible part of reality – subtle colours, painterly manner and sensuality are characteristic of her works.

Coloured etchings entitled “Variations” (“Kitimai”) by Skaistė Šumskaitė also refer to sensual processes. Small format abstract works give the impression of movement, sliding, transforming.

The “Souvenirs” series by Ugnė Žilytė is a travel diary completed using traditional intaglio techniques. Exotic, sometimes mystical experience reflections from Thailand, Mexico and Brazil.

Finally, works by Greta Grendaitė from the series “War Tactics” (“Karo taktikos”) comment on the social aspects of our lives. The series was selected and shown at the Young European Creatives biennale and has won awards in Lithuania and France. “War Tactics” touch upon not only the subject of war in the literal sense, but also the “invisible” war manifestations encountered in social processes and daily life. The artist comments on her series saying that “military strategies are significant to our everyday lives. The aim is to dominate, find ways to win over the world”.

Featured collection

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