Kristina Norvilaitė

Artist statement

Kristina Norvilaitė is a graphic artist and art gallery owner. She received Master's of Fine Arts degree from Vilnius Art Academy. Kristina is member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association. K. Norvilaitė has made over 30 personal exhibitions in over 20 cities of Europe including London, Brussels, Tel-Aviv, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hamburg, Warsaw. She participated in more than hundred group exhibitions in 20 countries including USA and Canada. Kristina also works as book artist, scenographer and creates interdisciplinary art projects. She lives in Vilnius.


EDUCATION ​ 2000- 2002 Studies for Masters degree in the Vilnius Academy of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts Graphics department, Print section. 1996-2000 The Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania, Faculty of Fine Arts Graphics department.

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