Photo printed on Hahnemuhle paper and pasted on dibond.

On the back a hanging system of aluminium

Size: 75 x 50 cm

Edition:8 +2AP

On request different size available

About author

With her installations, sculptures and photographs, Dutch artist Guda Koster transforms the human body and attaches a new identity to her characters or to herself, using clothing as the main visual art form, patterns and colours to create surreal stories.

It is the outfit that defines daily life, our social position, the interaction with others and how we see ourselves. Often exaggerated, with humorous twists, reality is distorted or, better said, cleverly organized into codes and meanings which we can unriddle by focusing on the setting or the fabrics usually sewed by the artist herself.

The illusion and contrast between what is visible and what is invisible is also something that Guda Koster likes to play with. The impossibility of seeing the face of the subjects, covered with small houses, geometric shapes or certain burdens of social or religious nature, erases the limits between man and context, raises the mystery and appetite to learn more, offering the work an universal value.  

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2016 Nur ich, Kunstverein Sylt (Germany)

2016 I presume, (duo with Anton de Cottelaer) DAK, Utrecht

Playground, shopping mall Lane Crawford, Hong Kong

2015 Artfair This art Fair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

2015 Made in Kaunas, Biennale Kaunas (factory Drobe )

2015 Wuppertaler Performance Nacht, Sparkasse Wuppertal

2015 No man is an island, Cultura, Ede (trio)

2014 Living sculptures, RAWArt Fair

2013 ZIJbeelden, Gemak, Den Haag

2013 Me, myself and I, Re-Rotterfdam

2013 Hey there, fashion freak!, Shopwindows<, Amsterdam

2011 Just the two of us, id11, Delft

2010 Of swords and ploughs, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen

2009 marriage in Bellevue, The Yellow house, Linz

2008 Once there was…, Subway Waterlooplein, Amsterdam

2007 I still got to change, Agentur, Amsterdam

2007 Art to confess, RK church, Millingen aan de Rijn

2007 Beau Monde, Shopping mall Vanderveen, Assen

2005 Guardian Angels, shops in Leeuwarden (organized by VHDG)

2004 Stadsquerrilla, Artforum, Amsterdam

2004 Club seven, Metrohalte Wibautstraat, Amsterdam

2003 (hi)story, National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2001 Life is sweet life is bitter, HORTUS vitrine, Amsterdam

2000 In the open air, De KUBUS, Lelystad


Group exhibitions (selection))

2016 Workwear, Parons New school, The Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, New York

2015 Artists Sweethearts, Künstlerhaus Dortmund

2015 Handle with care, Ostrale O15, Dresden (performance)

2015 Kunst+Mode, Galerie Sis Jossip, Den Haag

2014 Workcloths, Trienale Milan, Italy

2014 Nord Art, Carlshuette, Germany

2014 Gladstone, gemak, dern Haag

2014 Piep, siad the mouse in the house, Huis Noor, Nijmegen

2013 From the canteentheatre, CBK, Amsterdam

2013 Kunstuitleenschatten, CBK Groningen

2013 Moving Artbox, Neuer Kunstverein, Wuppertal

2012 Paradise 2.0, Church Rheinische Landesklinik

2012 Moving Art Box, CBK, Amsterdam

2012 Kunst und Literaturpfad Loreley, along river the Loreley

2011 Weird men have weird beards, House Kernhem, Ede

2011 The ideal man, Artoll, Bedburg Hau

2010 Rehab Religion, Artcrumbles, Han building, Nijmegen

2009 Different places, different stories, Voltairepad, Kleve

2009 Tomorrow, Chosum Ilbo museum, Seoul

2008 The sea is coming, Zuiderstrand, The Hague

2008 Eingefädelt, Zünderdorf Wehrturm museum, Cologne

2007 Family Matters, Kunsteyssen, Alkmaar

2007 Friends, International Arts City, Qingdao, China

2007 CHANGE!, Bureau voor hedendaags avontuur, Den Haag

2007 Im Umkreis, Wasserturm, Geldern (D)

2007 Trading places, back and forth, Mariakapel, Hoorn

2007 PEACE, Chosunilbo Art Museum, Seoul

2007 Um die Ecke, Kulturpalast Wedding, Berlijn

2006 DORMART, Depot, Dortmund, Duitsland

2006 Harbin international art festival, The Yu Shun museum, Harbin, China

2005 VAN STUK///OFF TRACK, Nieuwe Vide Haarlem

2005 Art and Fashion, Gallery Seidel, Keulen, Germany

2004 DUST!, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

2004 Peeping allowed!, Pretoriusstrtaat, Amsterdam

2004 Ten years Artoll, Artoll, Bedburg Hau, Germany

2004 Snow-white and the three stooges, De Branderij, Antwerpen, Belgium

2003 Polderlicht , Garage Ludriks, Amsterdam

2003 Scaletti has left the building, Kontor, Cologne, Germany

2003 GAMES, PS Bijlage Parool, Amsterdam

2003 A small world, Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2002 BUURTEN, Zorgcentrum Tabitha, Amsterdam

2002 6 CHANNELS, Silpakorn Art Academy, Bangkok

2001 HOME MADE, Woonhuis, Leeuwarden

2001 The sweatshop, W139, Amsterdam

2001 AKT VI, Anatomic Institute, Cologne, Germany

2000 fabrics, K.C.B., Bergen

2000 acoustic architecture, Parsonsschool of design, New York

2000 common – special – movements, ummer exhibition in public space,Goes


Publications (selection)

2016 Publication Magazine Cercle (theme Costumes)

2015 Publication magazine Plaform, platvorm

2015 Ostrale O15 Magazine Ostraletto

2015 Hoera, hoera...., Herma Meere, Textiel Plus nr 233, najaar 2015

2015 Catalogue Kaunas Biennial

2014 ‘Guda Koster, Fahrenheit Magazine, Mexico City

2014 Textile Art around the world, Textiellink

2014 Catalogue 2 Abiti di Lavori

2012 Catalogue ‘In front of behind’, ArToll, Bedburg Hau

2011 Catalogue “’id11 research’ id11., Delft

2011 Catalogue ‘the ideal man’, Artoll, Bedburg Hau

2010 catalogue Rehab religion, Artcrumble, Nijmegen

2009 Catalogue ‘Heapsteaps’, VHDG Leeuwarden

2008 Catalogue ‘Trading places back and forth’, Nieuwe Vide Haarlem, Mariakapel Hoorn

2007 Catalogue ‘Im Umkreis’, Wasserturm Geldern

2006 Catalogue ‘Dormart’, Het Depot, Dortmund

2005 Catalogue ‘Groeten uit Delft’, Gemeente Delft (kunst in de wijken)

2005 Catalogue ‘VAN STUK///OFF TRACK, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

2004 Catalogue ‘Zehn Jahre Artoll’, Artoll, Bedburg Hau

2004 Leonie Groen, ‘Zaanse ‘Coronation Street’ in beeld’, Noord-Hollands Dagblad

2003 Catalogue procreation/postcreation, Womanifesto, Bangkok, Thailand

2003 Catalogue (hi)story, The National Gallery, Bangkok

2003 Catalogue ‘Wij bouwen nieuwe zinnen’, W139, Amsterdam

2002 Catalogue ‘6 CHANNELS’ Silpakorn Art Academy, Bangkok

2002 Cheng Zu, ‘Culture zone’, Bangkok Post

2001 Catalogue ‘HOME MADE’, Stichting VH de Gemeente, Leeuwarden

2001 Catalogue West East Marriage, Silpakorn Academy, Bangkok

2001 Catalogue ‘A Public Space’, uitgave Amsterdams Fonds voor de Beeldende Kunst

2000 Roelf Bleeker-Dohmen, ‘Deutsch- hollandischer Kulturabend in der Psychiatrie soll

         Beruhrungsangste abbauen, Rheinische Post

2000 Catalogue ‘STOFUITDRUKKING’ , K.C.B., Bergen



2015 Assignment seven sculptures with the theme denim for Lane Craford, Hong Kong (China)

2010 Project Face to face, a artproject in cooperation with the police Amsterdam-East.

2009 participation community project for Bellevue, the yellow house, Linz, capital of Europe,

2008 Assignment community art project for the Edelstenenwijk in Alphen aan de Rijn

2008 Assignment artwork for an underpass in Amsterdam in cooperation with students

2007 Concept and curator exhibition for Artwalk, Amsterdam

2007 Grant Wasserturm, Geldern

2005 Cooperation project with architect Theresia Leuenberger, Artoll, Germany

2005 Heapsteaps, a work in public space, Leeuwarden.

2004 Concept and realization art project; Greetings from Delft’. A recycle world costume project with women of different nationalities. 

2003 A work for public space for the city Zaandam by order of the municipal.

2003 Concept and organization for the exhibition SPELEN, a contribution for the newspaper Het Parool.

2003 Concept and realization  two workshops of public intervention for the artproject landjuweel in the city Emmen.

2002 Proposal artwork in a block of flats, Kunstgebouw Zuid-Holland

2002 Concept and organization of the art exhibition BUURTEN in an elderly home in Amsterdam. In cooperation with Matthijs Muller.

2002 Assignment temporary artwork, new church in Amsterdam, art manifestation ‘art for your health’

2000 concept and organization art project KUNSTESTAFETTE, Gouda.

Guda Koster


Year: 2011 Form of art: Photography Style: Other Technique: photoprint Size: 75.00 x 50.00 x 0.30 cm 850
€ 850
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