Installation of design objects (14 pieces).

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Furniture designer Indra creates passionate furniture. Once you see her furniture, you will want to come back to it like coming home, to a place where love and peace reign. The theme of love and peace is chosen because it symbolises a rejection of greyness, apathy and mass production. Life is too short to spend the time being bored! This furniture is close to being art work: the elegant fantasy of Dalí, the depths of colours of Matisse, the rationality of Picasso. Only the chairs are mass-produced. All other items are singular hand-made works of creativity. The designer of this furniture loves the creative process and she calls the creation of each piece of furniture a meditation. This is furniture for making body and soul feel better: it perfectly massages the body, gives pleasure to the eyes and joy to the soul. It is furniture for people who love life and are not afraid to enjoy it. Art critic - Aiste - Paulina Virbickaitė

Indra Indra Marcinkevičienė (1969), Vilnius, Lithuania EDUCATION 1997-2001 Vilnius College of Design, theater make-up design; WORK 1997-2006 Fasion Magazine and Advertising Agencies stylist ( Magazine - Schibsted media group: "Laima", "Zmones" "Edita" and so on ; Magazine - "Veidas" the main stylist) INTERIOR DESIGN 2006 - 2013 2006 House in Pavilnys, Vilnius, Lithuania, aword for amateur league; 2009 Apartmen "Moliugas" in Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania, aword for attention to detail; 2013 House in Kaunas, Lithuania, aword for Decorators League; MY INTERIORS WORKS ARE IN: Fasion magazines: "Zmonės", "Laima", "Moteris", "Stilius" (2013 - interior work),"Santa" - Latvia (2013/ Nr. 2/ 248 - interior work), Interiors magazines: "Namas ir as" (2007/Nr. 3/ 87;2008/ Nr.11/ 104; 2011), "Salon press" - Russia (2009, 2013), "Major Dom" - Belarus (2012, 2013 on the cover of magazine); "Идеи вашего дома" (2009, 2011, 2012, 2013(on the cover)), Best in Lithuania (2013), "Mano namai" (2013/ Nr.5/226), "Salon" - Russia (2013/ Nr. 5 / 182) "The most impressive interiors in Lithuania" - Lithuania; "Deco -" (2008) - Lithuania "Mano namai" (2013 /Nr.7/ 228) - garden design "Inerior"(2010) - Latvia Jakatenburg Books: • Tania Serket, Saule Mazeikaite "Interjeras Lietuvoje" 2007 • Andrew Martin, "Interior design review" volume 14 • "100 home design principles" FURNITURE: 2012 aword "Geras Dizainas" - chair "Adomas" 2014 nominated „IF design“ - chair „ New Adam“ Furniture exibitions: IFFS 2012, Singapore; IFFS 2013, Singapore; "Tendencijos", Litexpo 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania; Lithuanian design week, May 2013; 2013 May, Moskow Furniture Fair; 2013 May, Internacional Cannes Film Festival, Lithuanian Booth; IFFT 2013, Tokyo (Interior Life Style); Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vilnius, August 1-31, 2013; "Maison & Object", Paris, September, 2013; London Design Week, September (from 16th), 2013; Philadelphia Museum of Art Fair "Craft Show", USA, 2013; Stockholm "Formex - trade fair for design" January 2014; Stockholm “Furniture and Light fair” February 2014; Tokyo “Interior Lifestyle” June 2014; Lithuanian design week, May 2014; "Baldai 2014", Litexpo 2014, Vilnius, Lithuania; "Maison & Object", Paris, September, 2014; Copenhagen/ Round Tower museum “Dequisements” 2015 January 23 – February 22; London “Collect exhibition” Saatchi Gallery May 9-12; Strasbourg “Europe council” September 28 – October 23; OTHER WORKS: • Textile design - bedding design "MK textile" - 2 collection, 2011; • Project "SUMMIT", Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013;

Indra Marcinkevičienė

The Waterfall of Stradivarius

Year: 2014 Form of art: Furniture design Technique: timber, fabric, textile Size: 150.00 x 300.00 x 125.00 cm 13000
€ 13000
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