Consultations on acquisition of artworks

Art-Cart works in collaboration with highly qualified visual art and design experts. Based on your needs, individual taste and style our experts make recommendations on the acquisition of artworks or a complete collection.

  • We assist our clients in creating the overall vision and budget for their collection.

  • We curate and help shape public and private art and design collections.

  • We have a network of professionals, which include artists, critics, curators and other professionals in Lithuania and abroad.

  • We work in partnership with interior designers and architects in creating a considered approach to the relationship between the space and the collection of artworks.

  • We install and select the appropriate lighting for artworks in spaces.

  • We supervise the transportation and framing of artworks.

  • We catalog and make inventories of collections.

Art education and lectures by experts

Our educational activities are a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with or deepen your knowledge of the art world, or spend time in a constructive and meaningful way at a family celebration or a corporate event.

  • Lithuanian art history (20th century) lectures delivered by prof. dr. Rasa Andriušytė-Žukienė and dr. Virginija Vitkienė.

  • Lectures on art market, buying artworks and creating collections. Our art experts are able to prepare a lecture on a topic, which is suited to your needs or wishes.

  • Creative workshops for families and children, subject lessons, such as biology, chemistry, literature, etc. tailored for school children, observing and analysing works of contemporary art.

Other services

  • Reproduction of artworks.

  • Computerised jacquard weaving of a selected image, prints on textile or high grade paper.

  • Photography services.

  • Artwork, interior, event photos, fashion and individual photo shoots in studio or outside.

  • Interior design services.

  • Interior design solutions, space planning and decoration, selection of artworks for public or private interiors.

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