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DSC 8787At a first glance TADAM! Design pieces can easily be mistaken for real sweets - baked and glazed dream treats. Just hearing what's on the menu - vanilla doughnut with white chocolate sprinkles, chocolate doughnut dipped in chocolate and gold or coconut confection - makes your mouth water. However, this is where a sign should appear: Warning - not edible! 0 calories. Ordinary sweets in TADAM! Design's collection "Sweet Course for Your Eyes" have taken on a new meaning - they have become conceptual jewellery pieces to adorn a woman's neck. Handmade ceramic jewellery mirrors the everyday real or imaginary deserts. The shape and lightness of texture as well as gold and platinum decoration elements give the pieces a touch of elegance. In the near future, TADAM! Design team are planning to experiment with new materials, ingredients and "flavours".

Please introduce the TADAM! Design team.

The current team consists of Deimantė Litvinaitė (founder and designer), Vilma Kelečiūtė (international sales and marketing manager), Aistė Jūrė (writer and social network administrator), Gabija Milinavičiūtė (social network administrator for foreign consumers), ceramic artists: Džiuljeta and Gvidas Raudoniai, and Jolanta Mašidlauskienė.

You haven’t been around for long, but have already attracted a lot of attention. In 2013 you were awarded the Good Design Award and have participated in Tokyo Design Week. Tell us your story.

The story is very simple. The need for freedom and self-expression has put everything into its place: after leaving her job at one of the top advertising agencies in Lithuania, Deimantė decided to start her own creative practise. Great enthusiasm, commitment and belief in a new line of products rather quickly gave incredible results. In first year we attracted a lot of attention, there were many changes for better. This encourages further growth.

DSC 9935 1

Describe the creation and presentation process of a new jewellery piece by TADAM!

Each new piece of jewellery is created differently: the images of some appear in mind instantly, others are born in the process of experimenting with colours, forms, materials and so on. When a product takes its final form, it is packed, photographed and presented to audiences through different media channel and then it goes out to shops.

What, do you think, is the significance of jewellery?

For some people it might not have any significance, others like to hide behind many layers of it. Once upon a time an abundance of jewellery reflected the social status of a person, however contemporary jewellery often has a different function: it can even be ironic. We take the middle ground – use jewellery in moderation and coordinate it closely with what you are wearing.

So far your jewellery pieces have been orientated to the female audience. Can we 
expect something created specially for men?

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That would be fun to do.

Can you briefly comment on your immediate future creative and brand development plans?

Hand made jewellery collection “Sweet Course for Your Eyes” is constantly supplemented with new experiments. Food is a very broad area. Same as in the kitchen we experiment with textures, ingredients, “flavours” and as such we keep adding new “edible” objects to the menu. We intend to start working with new materials, we will look and play.

After attracting a lot of attention at international exhibitions last year we began to make contacts with partners in foreign markets – Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, USA, Japan and elsewhere. We hope that in this coming year thanks to the growing team at TADAM! Design our circle of admirers will also expand.

Thank you.

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