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Art-cart is an interactive website acting as a special platform that allows artists to showcase and sell their work. Art-cart aims to develop creative business and art consumption throughout the global audience and increase the promotion of new works of art presented by emerging artists. The website is designed not only for art buyers but also for those who would like to know more about contemporary art. In addition to visual works of art, the site also offers to purchase various items of innovative design, crafts, and items of high-tech textile.


Create your unique profile and add your portfolio, CV, as well as your artworks that you want to sell.


Art-cart provides all information about the artists and their artworks as well as various news: the website is always updated with new and highly rated works of art, articles about artists and virtual collections of artworks, as well as comments and reviews provided by the art critics.


Use Art-cart search filter to find works you like, share them with your friends, rate, leave comments, create virtual collections of your favourit works of art, etc.


We take care of communication with art buyers, provide a convenient and safe payment terms, and you will also benefit from our website’s international PR exposure.


- free registration, the comission of the website is only 30%
- Art-cart cares not only about selling but also about attractive and interactive content.
- Art-cart takes care of its world-wide marketing and presentation (Russia, West Europe, USA)
- the main page of the website is always updated with some new information, comments and reviews provided by art critics.
- Art-cart is responsible for all the communication with art buyers
- Fast and convenient payment for the sold artworks.

Virtual platform Art-cart is presented by Kaunas biennial. Kaunas biennial is a conceptual platform and an opportunity for artistic debuts, implementation of innovative ideas, collaboration of artists and viewers, transdisciplinary art and science practises, international and transcontinental partnership and building a discursive textile culture. Pursuing its objectives, Kaunas biennial initiates and implements international contemporary art, as well as conceptual textile art exhibitions, educational programmes.  

A big thanks to UNISOLUTIONS!


Art Cart team


Virginija Vitkienė


Ana Čižauskienė
Art Cart project manager



Neringa Stoškutė
Contemporary design consultant


Agnė Pinigienė
Public relations

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