Exhibition opening: „USA: Untitled Spaces of America“ by Ignas Maldžiūnas at Vilnius International Airport


Art-Cart is pleased to present „USA: Untitled Spaces of America“, a solo exhibition of new work by Ignas Maldžiūnas at Vilnius International Airport. The show is initiated in collaboration with Art-Cart and will be open for two months from October 25th, 2014 for everyone departing from or arriving at the airport.

"The airport show is a dedication to all travelling the world, which is so diverse, magic, unpredictable and beautiful" says Maldžiūnas. „USA: Untitled Spaces of America“ is a show documenting his two month journey through thrilling and unconventional places of USA.

According to curators of the show, Agnės Skripkinaitė and Dovilija Torrau, "The airport space was an unconventional decision. However, the airport can represent a cultural and economical identity of a country in many ways. After all, it is the place where many of our guests enter our country".

During the show period, Art-Cart users will be able to purchase the artworks of the exhibition online.

The exhibition will be open until January 31st, 2015.


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