Piep, said the mouse in the house


Art-Cart is very proud to announce that one of our favourite Dutch artists Guda Koster together with the painter Frans van Tartwijk from 6 to 21 april, 2014 will present their newest project "Piep, said the mouse in the house". The organisers of the exhibition say:

"Since six months the house of Noor Smals (1936-2013) is for sale. It is a huge house and she lived there the last 45 years of her life. We have taken away her personal things like clothing and photographs, but the house is still furnished.
We (Frans van Tartwijk and Guda Koster) had the simple idea to give life back to the house. It's a framework for the choice of artworks and artists, but it excludes a total permissiveness.
The sculptures, drawings, photos, paintings, installation and video of the various artists in this homey environment might be differently perceived and interpreted as in the context of a white cube. This hybrid character makes the show exciting and interesting."

Participating artists:
Gerard Koek, Paul de Reus, Eiko Ishizawa, Ruth van Beek, Melanie Bosboom, Hannie van Dalen, Nel Linssen, Jans Muskee, Sonja Hillen, Itie Langeland, Jos van Gessel, Barend van Hoek, Peter Jordaan, Oscar Lourens, Hannie van Dalen, Martha Colburn, Anne Marie Spijker, Petra van der Steen, Joop Stolk, Anneke Ouwersloot, Guda Koster en Frans van Tartwijk.

1piep zei de muis uitnodiging opening



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