An exhibition of works by the painter Deivis Slavinskas at Pažaislis monastery


On Friday, October 21st at 7pm “Art-Cart” gallery will present an exhibition of works by the artist Deivis Slavinskas at the hospitality complex “Monte Pacis” located in Pažaislis monastery.

The organiser of the exhibition and a representative of “Art-Cart” gallery Ana Čižauskienė says that “Although the baroque-style Pažaislis monastery is not a typical space to hold art exhibitions, it has a very distinctive aura and historical context. This particular backdrop gives the artworks new meanings. Here, we present a series of “Contradimensional” works by Deivis Slavinskas that are stylistically interesting because they are a juxtaposition between abstract expression and graphic pop art. When looking at these paintings, the first impression is often deceiving, because the details expressed in graphic style can seem like a collage, but, actually, they are painstakingly completed using a paintbrush. Many people know the artist as a painter of Kaunas architectural landscapes, which he completes adopting art deco style that was characteristic of the modernist period and thus inspiring many people with the love for inter-war period architecture”.

“In this series I unite opposites”, explains the artist, “not only dimensions, two-dimensional (characters painted with graphic accuracy) against “multidimensional” (expressionist plane / abstract landscape), but also textures (“flat” against multilayered brushstrokes), styles (“clean” against “spontaneous”), manner of working (“graphic” against “painting”). This visual / stylistic contrast allows me to highlight and compliment the beauty of particular planes, what is clean and precise stands out more when contrasted with spontaneous, multilayered textures.

In order to better understand this particular series, it should be noted that it is based on the principles of dreams, visions and magical realism. There, the strangest of things intertwined with emotions and moods seem completely natural at the time, but after awakening, you often recall only certain details. In “Contradimensional series” the expressionist plane represents the subconscious levels, particular spaces and moods, and the “graphic” hero “lives” in it and is a part of it”.

The exhibition “Contradimensional series” is open to the visitors during the restaurant at the hospitality complex “Monte Pacis” working hours (Mon – Thurs, Sun 11am – 10pm; Fri – Sat 11am – 11pm) until the end of 2016.

If you would like to see more of the artist’s works you can visit the artist’s page on “Art-Cart”.


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