Sculptures come to life on ART-CART stand at ARTVILNIUS’16


During this year’s ARTVILNIUS’16 art fair, which will take place from 9-12 June at Litexpo exhibition centre (Vilnius, Lithuania), virtual contemporary art platform Art-Cart will present works by the Dutch artist Guda Koster. The stand will exhibit not only photographs by the artist but also a cycle of live sculptures “Overheard at the Vilnius Art Fair”. During this performance, the audience will hear three sculptures in conversation about what it means to be a sculpture.

Koster’s works are created in parallels of time, space and textile. Her installations often consist of a variety of textile items, such as clothing and interior accents – wallpaper, curtains, carpets and so on. Koster uses fabrics, colours and patterns that underline the codes and meanings conveyed by our choice of clothing. Often her starting point is the material and its properties that are later conveyed in coloured photographs.

Live sculptures are a rare form of art in Lithuania and across the world. They are often carried out by a group of people or one person where the body becomes a form to express an idea. Unlike conventional art objects, which viewers can explore at any time, a living sculpture is instantaneous and the relationship between viewer and performer are highly important, even crucial.

Koster treats the body as a basic sculptural material, which is always impersonal and the face remains hidden. However, in the relationship between scenography and character dressed in costume indications of identity, social status and interaction within the social environment are created. Her works are full of everyday parallels, mild social criticism, irony and humour. The artist enjoys playing with illusion and contrast between the visible and the invisible. Invisible faces, hidden behind small houses, geometric forms or certain social or religious signs, erase the boundaries between people and context, create mystery and fuel the desire to know more, making her art a universal language.

Koster lives and works in Amsterdam, where she also teaches sculpture at a private school. She often presents works in the Netherlands and abroad. Although her main field is sculpture, she is also the initiator of community-based projects, site-specific installations and her photographs are mainly presented at exhibitions and art fairs. In 2015, Koster participated in Kaunas Biennial, where she presented a personal project entitled “Made in Kaunas”. Whilst in Lithuania the artist created a site-specific installation at the former textile factory “Drobė” as well as collaborating on a dance performance with dance theatre “Aura”
Interview with the artist.


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