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Dainius Trumpis stands out as one of the few Lithuanian painters in whose painting process a coherent search for individuality is clearly perceived . The broad field of artistic interests is linked with common aesthetic sense, daring experimentation with materials and formats of artworks, suggestive and original glimpse of creativity, exceptional and multi-meaningful thematic approach.

The majority of figurative compositions with its individual suggestibility and its strong emotional charge provokes the viewer to experience each artwork as a new story, to fell the maximum of the concentrated concept and linguistic tune.

 Anthropologist Asta Jurevičiūtė


2008.01.07-2008.06.30 MA Fine Arts (Painting) in TAIK University of Helsinki, Finland

2007-2009 MA Fine Arts (Painting) Šiauliai University, Faculty of Arts, Lithuania

2002-2007 BA Fine arts and Professional Qualification of a Teacher Šiauliai University, Faculty of Arts, Lithuania

Memberships, awards, artistic projects:

Since 2009 member of Lithuanian artists association.

2012 City Award for Creativity and exhibitions abroad.

2012 Special award in Vilnius Painting exhibition in Contemporary Art Center, Lithuania.

2012.07.15-30 International Land Art Project in Le Saix, France.

One-man painting exhibitions:

2014.01.17 Exhibition “Mutations”, Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2012.08.03–09.29 Exhibition “La Castel” Dinan, France.

2012.06.01–10 Exhibition “12A”, Contemporary Art Gallery Tengri Umay, Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.

2012.03.23–04.11 “People in fractals”, ŠU Art gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

2011.09.26–10.26 “Dainius Trumpis. Paintings – Worlds”, Šiauliai Library, Lithuania.

2011.06.01-24 “Callings”, Šv.Jono gatvės Art gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2011.03.31-04.30 "Governmental Package and Red Chequered Suitcase”, Šiauliai Cultural Centre, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

2010.03.20-04.20 "Identified Reality", Museum-Gallery of A. Mončys, Palanga, Lithuania.

2009.11.15-12.15 "Glamūriniai portretai", Art museum "Umay", Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.

2009.06.03-29 "Reality/no", Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2008.07.03-08.04 "Slowly", SielunPeili gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

2008.05.26-06.12 "Relations", Aralis, Taik, Helsinki, Finland.

2007.05.24-06.12 "Listen attentively", Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2006.02.22-04.25 "Interval. Between open and shut eyes", Šiauliai Library, Lithuania.

2006.01.07-02.05 Exhibition, Longdale craft centre, Nottinghamshire, England.

2005.07.14-08.02 "Collector of Road Pieces", Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2005.06.17 Exhibition in the festival "Post kryžkelė”, Kurtuvėnai, Lithuania.

Group exhibitions:

2013.09.03-21 Thematic Exhibition ,,XXI century Anatomy“, Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2013.06.14–08.18 “15th Vilnius Painting Triennial”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2012.09.28–10.22 “5th Beijing International Art Biannale”, The National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China.

2012.09.19–10.14 “Painting in Lithuania”, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2012.07.27 Thematic Land Art Exhibition, Le Saix, France.

2012.07.18 Exhibition in Veynes, France.

2012.02.03–25 Thematic Exhibition “Second shift”, Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2012.01.26–02.26 Thematic Exhibition “Erosion”, Šiauliai Cultural Centre, Lithuania.

2011.08.23–09.14 Thematic Exhibition ,,XXI century Self-portrait“, Gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2011.05.19-06.19 International Exhibition “2x3 Šiauliai/Parnu/Jelgava”, Academija Petrina, Jelgava, Latvia.

2011.04.07-27 Thematic Exhibition “Buy or Die”, Gallery “Skizė”, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

2011.02.26-03.12 Exhibition “Sociable7”, Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2011.01.27-02.27 Thematic Exhibition “Woman sign”, Šiauliai Cultural Centre, Lithuania.

2010.12.17-2011.01.15 Collection of works in project “22:22”, Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2010.05.26-06.29 49th Annual Artist's Exhibition, Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2010.05.06-27 Thematic Exhibition “Faith”, Gallery “Skizė”, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

2009.10.14-12.01 Thematic Exhibition „Autumn 2009”, Alma Ata, Kazakhstan.

2009.09.15-10.25 48th Annual Artist's Exhibition, Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2008.10.10 Painting Exhibition "Footprint", Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2008.09.12-10.22 47th Annual Artist's Exhibition, Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2008.05.15-06.08 International Exhibition "Isolation", Lahti, Finland.

2008.05.28-06.05 International Exhibition "Isolation", Helsinki, Finland.

2008.04.07-17 International Exhibition "Spring Salon", Atski Galleria, TAIK, Helsinki, Finland.

2005.05.03-06.04 Photography Exhibition "Šiauliai - A Year in Europe", Photography museum, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

2005.04.22-05.14 44th Annual Artist's Exhibition, Šiauliai Art gallery, Lithuania.

2004.09.11 Exhibition of young photographers "Turn", ŠU Art gallery, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

2003 National Project “YM”, all around Lithuania.

2002.03.27-04.26 Photography Exhibition, Photography gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2001.09.11-10.13 Photography Exhibition, Photography museum, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

Dainius Trumpis

Body Erosion

Metai: 2011 Sritis: Tapyba Stilius: Abstraktusis ekspresionizmas Technika: acrylic on canvas Dydis: 150.00 x 150.00 x 4.00 cm 2340
€ 2340
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