Electric blue jacket with metal decorations. You can wear this jacket from both sides. Collection "FFWD" ("Fast Forward"), showed in international fashion event "Fashion infection".

Size: 36-42

Fabrics: 97 % wool, 3% spandex;

Furniture: metal snaps, metal rings for the belt

For custom sizes, colors and fabrics please contact us at info@art-cart.eu.

We will be happy to make a product of your choice and ship it worldwide. Due to hand made nature of LOOM products please allow us 3-4 weeks to complete an order.

Apie autorių

LOOM is fashion design open studio based in Vilnius.
LOOM was created by two designers: Vidmina Stasiulyte and Julija Frodina.

LOOM fashion design open studio

Electric Blue Jacket

Sritis: Mados ir kostiumo dizainas Technika: Natural Fabrics 260
€ 260
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