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My name is Dmitry Demsky. I am clock designer. I do wall clocks design since 1997. For dials I use different materials: copper, steel, stainless steel, lead, composite, wood, felt, wire, ceramics and others. At the moment I am able to do clocks of any size including exterior clocks. In the clocks established quality, silent German quartz movement powered by batteries, produced one of the famous fabric. With any watch the accompanying description, instruction manual, clock hands and packaging, without batteries. Usually, this is small series or a single product, which, if necessary, can also be run in series. Term of production of about two weeks. Сurrently I am working with several design shops and showrooms in Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Holland.

Dmitry Demsky родился в 1965г. в г. Харьков, Украина с октября 2014 живет и работает в Вильнюсе По образованию театральный художник(Школа-студия МХАТ) Член Московского союза художников 2008 Дизайн часов c 1997г .

Metai: 2015 Sritis: Produkto dizainas Technika: handmade Dydis: 45.00 x 45.00 x 6.00 cm 65
€ 65
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