Nature always inspires. What You see is the Nest of Stork in a wonderful place - Nemajunai, Lithuania.

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Kristina Civilyte is an artist whose palette consists of light, foggy and sometimes on the opposite – bright and giddy, expressionistic colours. Paintings tell a different story to each of the viewers. It’s kind of individualistic journey to everyone’s inner impressions, reminiscences, past mirages and future dreams. Painter is very anxious and brave to use new techniques in her works and loves her experiments with new ways of expressing her creativity on a new canvas. Author mixes different techniques: acrylic and oil, additional texture is gained by adding constructing stuff. She claims to paint accordingly to her mood and present feelings, based on her own experiences and the nearest past impressions.

The artist liked painting since her childhood. Kristina Civilyte graduated from Lithuanian Kaunas A.Martinaitis Art School. Later she studied privately by famous painters. Recently she paints actively in the studio, participates in painting exhibitions, plain-airs.

Kristina Čivilytė

"Memories of Summer"

Metai: 2014 Sritis: Tapyba Stilius: Abstraktusis ekspresionizmas Technika: Acrylic on Canvas Dydis: 80.00 x 60.00 x 2.00 cm 260
€ 260
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