Authenticity, relation with oneself and the unique structures of existence becomes essential. I live through untimely monotony: time that is continuous, contracting, intensive, boring. I put in image the time that is already experienced trying to define the lines by relating to various things, space, environment. I focus on links leading to an actual, empirical past and therefore I am not letting the past time to melt into the void.

Apie autorių

SIMONA LUKOSEVICIUTE (born in 1990) is the paintress of young generation. Since 2009 Lukoševičiūtė had studied painting in Vilnius Academy of Arts (hereinafter – VAA), in 2013 had taken bachelor degree of painting, in 2015 she had taken master degree of painting, in the same year she had terminated the program of educational studies of VAA and in 2016 she became the member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association. At the moment she lives and creates in Kaunas. The authoress seeks after active participation within sectional exhibitions, plein airs. She also organizes personal exhibitions. She had already arranged her exhibitions in Gallery “Meno Parkas” (2017), the museum of Kaunas city (2014), Gallery “Akademija” (2014) and the Ministry of Fluxus (2013).

Metai: 2016 Sritis: Tapyba Stilius: Realizmas Technika: Oil on Canvas Dydis: 170.00 x 135.00 x 3.00 cm 650
€ 650
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