It is a meditative piece that broadcasts silence.

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About my creativity My works are full of components such as musicality and light that create an additional influence on spectators. The works are enriched with fascinating textures and unexpected color solutions. Spreading torrents of light which are abundant in the works set for positivity and provide calmness. By freely interpreting and connecting with the mystique of a free stroke, which fully immerses a spectator into the world of symbols and codes, I use a precise drawing technique that I have professionally mastered. I do not form the drawings according to a predetermined script, but I impulsively allow appearing eventualities to be included in my painting structures during the process of work in an appropriate way. By having extensive experience in the field of wall decoration, I create textural, structural surfaces. I paint fresco and do wall paintings. Being interested in a variety of new technologies, I apply them for my paintings.

Biography Augustas Lopas Date of Birth: 1980 05 31, Vilnius. Lithuania Lithuanian nationality Education: 2003 - 2005 Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts - Painting (MA). 1999 - 2003 Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Visual and Applied Arts Faculty - Painting (BA). Personal exhibitions: 2013 Vilnius. Adam Mickiewicz Public Library. “Variations” 2013 Vilnius. Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum. “History” 2013 Vilnius. Beepart Gallery. “Structure” 2005 Vilnius. Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum. “Others". 2003 Vilnius. Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum. "A.L.I.O. Group exhibitions: 2014 Vilnius. “Pamenkalnio” Gallery. „FC Jazz” 2012 Vilnius. (AV17) Gallery. exhibition of contest “New Avant-garde Object”. 2011 Vilnius. Vienozinskio art school. ”Painting”. 2008 Vilnius. Railway Museum of Lithuania. “Train travel moments” artistic project IV. 2007 Vilnius. Railway Museum of Lithuania. “Train travel moments, artistic project III. 2007 Panevezys. City Art Gallery. Alternative classical music festival, “Tolerance” Young Artists Exhibition. 2006 Vilnius. Gallery “Arka“. “The annual autumn exhibition Vilnius Artists”. 2005 Vilnius. CAC- Contemporary Art Center. ”Enthusiast”. 2003 Vilnius. Gallery “Academy”. "Paintings". 2003 Vilnius. Acadamy of Fine Arts. “Immodesty curiosity and hazards”students art days. 2002 Vilnius Acadamy of Fine Arts. “I believe I do not believe”students art days. 2001 Vilnius Acadamy of Fine Arts. “Fast food” students art days. 2000 Vilnius. Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.”Diversity and unity”.

Augustas Lopas


Metai: 2013 Sritis: Tapyba Stilius: Abstraktus Technika: Mixed med.on canvas Dydis: 110.00 x 120.00 x 2.50 cm 780
€ 780
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