This art piece was created as a part of an installation called "Connections", as a solo work it became "State of relation"

The exhibition "Connections" refers to the fact that everything is connected. Every body, every thing, the word, the idea consists of small particles, which only takes us a recognizable climate by merging, the perceived shape. In connection - everything is abstract, intangible, wishy-washy ....

The exhibition is part one of the search object generated not only is self-determination. access to personal reflections, identities and differences that time together to create a whole. This time the author presents his world decompression.

State of relation (3)

Metai: 2014 Sritis: Estampas Stilius: Minimalizmas Technika: Monotype Dydis: 150.00 x 150.00 x 0.01 cm 380
€ 380
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