Terra Humana is a series dedicated to the relationship between a human and one of the elements-the earth. The man comes from the earth and returns to the earth. The earth is the primary premise of human existence and the end of it. This vibrant, pulsating matter is open to both birth and death. The place where the dirt clump may turn into life at any given moment and the life can turn into dirt clods. 

What is a human? Only a temporaly particle of the earth cycle...

Series created 2011, Lithuania. 


No. of editions: 20

Size: 100 x 100 cm 

Print details: Traditional photo paper  mounted onto aliuminium composite.

Authentication: Signed and editioned by artist on the back with a label including signature, title, date and edition number. 

If you would like to have a print in other size, then please write: info@art-cart.eu and I will be happy to arrange it for you.


Metai: 2011 Sritis: Fotografija Stilius: Kitas Technika: Photography Dydis: 100.00 x 100.00 x 0.05 cm 780
€ 780
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