Deivis Slavinskas

Kūrybos aprašymas

My practice aims to trigger the viewer's mind into the exploration of the unconscious by combining visual stimuli on multiple levels. Hence I consider the viewer being a co-creator as he/she might interpret my artworks in a completely new way than I envisioned. Because of this, I never consider my artworks finished even after the final touches of my brush - new dimensions and meanings are continuously added by viewer's interpretations. That is one of the main aims of my art - give the viewer enough imaginary space and intrigue to continue or even to transform the story I started on a canvas.


Deivis Slavinskas, born in 1973, Kaunas, Lithuania. Lived and studied in several countries, including Lithuania, the UK, India. Had 20 exhibitions in the UK, Italy, Spain, and Lithuania. His works were acquired to collections in USA, the UK, France, Norway, Lithuania. ---- Selected exhibitions ---- 2015 – Solo Exhibition “Dreams” at Kaunas Artists’ House, Kaunas, Lithuania ---- 2015 – Group exhibition “Rebirth” at Kaunas County Public Library and Cultural Centre “Girstutis”, Kaunas, Lithuania ---- 2015 – Group exhibition “The Best Artwork of the Year 2014″ at Kaunas Painting Gallery, Lithuania ---- 2014 – (PLAT)FORMA’14 at gallery “Meno Forma”, Kaunas, Lithuania ---- 2014 – Solo Exhibition “Salabhanjikas – the Celestial Nymphs” at Kaunas Artists’ House, Kaunas, Lithuania ---- 2012 – Maidenhead Art Fair, Maidenhead, UK ---- 2012 – Minutiaeat the Stone Space, London ---- 2012 – Little Treasures at Galleria De’ Marchi, Bologna, Italy ---- 2012 – Exhibition at CASS Business School, central London building, London ---- 2011 – Barcelona Showcase at Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain ---- 2011 – Parallax AF by Barlow Fine Art at La Galleria, London ---- 2011 – The Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair, London ---- 2011 – Guardian Newspaper’s London Lives Exhibition at Bankside Gallery, London ---- 2011 – CGP London Gallery, London ---- 2011 – Showcase Cities: London at Rich Mix, London ---- 2011 – Brent Salon des Arts, London ---- 2011 – Solo Exhibition “Textures of the Collective Unconscious” at The Gallery at Willesden Green, London ---- 2010 – Maidenhead Art Fair, Maidenhead, UK ---- 2010 – Battle Contemporary Fine Art Fair, Battle, UK ---- 2010 – CGP London Gallery, London ----

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