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My work originates from and embodies a lifelong desire to be a creator. I am seeking emotional balance through the discovery of discernible patterns in an incomprehensible universe. I draw lines in order to define my role within an otherwise incorrigible space.Most of my work contains contrasts: balance and imbalance, planar focus and recession, patterns and unclear organization. I use shapes, splashes, geometric forms to manipulate space, although, at times my work becomes ambiguous and allusive. During the creative process I look for a new, different ways of visual expression and a wider range of measures forming compositions, in order to express a mysterious, logic disobeyed, disregard, or even disavowal of principles of beauty. Giving a new spatial and temporal characteristics, highlighting what's close to subconsciousness, pseudo-reality, perverse imagination and uncertainty is another point I am questioning in my creative process and final result. The goal is to alter the human perception of what we already know, and to strike curiosity.



2011-2013  MA in Graphic arts in Šiauliai  University (Lithuania)
2004-2008 BA in Graphic arts in Šiauliai  University (Lithuania) 
2007 spring semester - Graphic arts in Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (Poland)


2013 July 1 - September 1 - Educational National Grant
2013 July 10-20 18th LindArt International Young Artists’ Fine Arts Colony Lendava 2013 (Slovenia)
2013 3rd Prize in Annual Graphic Exhibition „Graphics from Drawing to Shadow“, Vilnius (Lithuania)
2012 Young Artist Grant for 2013 from municipal government of Šiauliai (Lithuania)
Since 2012 member of Printmaking Artist Association ,,Graphic i Vast" Gothenburg (Sweden)
2012 January 18-February 25 International Art Project “Wonderous Stories: From Xenophobia to Amazement”, Olde Vechte Foundation, Ommen, (Netherlands).
2009 February-December -  European Voluntary Service “Promotion of Young Local Artists “ (“Promotion des jeunes artistes locaux”), Biarritz (France)
Since 2006 member of International Mail Artist Group (I-MAG) Malaysia.


December 13-January 8 (2014) "Metamorphoses" in Siauliai University Art Gallery, Siauliai (Lithuania
September 13 - October 8 Exhibition "...I remember not more" in art gallery of Kursenai Art School", Kursenai (Lithuania)
May 16-21 Exhibition „Does smell has a shape?“ during 17th International Interdisciplinary Conference „The Smell in Culture“, Siauliai University library.

August 3 - 17 Exhibition in La Castel in Dinan (France)
July 5 – Silk-screen exhibition "Pseudoamnesia" during festival ,,Level B“ in Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius (Lithuania)
May 10 – Visual project "Fairy-tale" during the festival ,,Garsas dėl vaizdo“ in Šiauliai (Lithuania)
April 19–May 10 Silk-screen exhibition "Natūralių istorijų papildymas" in Žemaitijos dailininkų sajungos parodų galerija in Klaipėda (Lithuania)
March 23 – April 11 "Žmonės fraktaluose" in Šiauliai University Art Gallery (Lithuania)

December 2 - 7 Fourth NBC Meshtec Tokyo International Screen Printing Biennial, Gallery of the Japan  Artists Association in Ginza, Tokyo (Japan)
November 14 - December 31 International Group Show "Allegory: Beyond  depiction, banalities & cultural statements", Vargas Gallery, Florida (USA)
September 24 - October 12 8th International triennial of small graphics, gallery "Kairė dešinė", Vilnius.
July 19 - August 31  Exhibition of 18th LindArt International Young Artists’ Fine Arts Colony Lendava 2013 in the Lendava Castle (Slovenia)
May 7 - June 1  European Contemporary Print Triennial 2013 in Médiathèque de Tournefeuille (France)
March 27 - April 9 Exhibition of BA and MA Art graduate students of Art Faculty of Šiauliai University in exhibition hall of Telšiai art faculty of Vilnius Art Academy, Telšiai
January 22-February 9 Exhibition "They already know..." of MA Art Graduate students, Šiauliai Art Gallery, Šiauliai (Lithuania)
January 8 - 26 Annual exhibition "Graphics from Drawing to Shadow 2013" in Gallery of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre „Kairė – dešinė“ (Lithuania) (Award 3rd Prize)

August 18 - September 5 Graphics exhibition of new members of association "Grafik i Vast", in Grafik i Vast art Gallery, in Gothenburg (Sweden)
February 3–18 "Second Shift" (,,Antra pamaina”) in Šiauliai Art Gallery (Lithuania)

September 21 – October 22 International Mail Art group exhibition “Croque la pomme” in Argentan (France)
May-June International Mail Art group exhibition “Wings” (part of the festival “Road of Art 2011”) in the district Diepholz in Lower Saxony, Germany
May - International Mail Art group exhibition during Mayworks festival in Zocalo Gallery, Courtenay, BC, Canada
May International Mail Art group exhibition in Artfitterz (Part of Mayworks festival) in Nanaimo,  Canada
April - May International Mail Art group exhibition in Winnipeg Public Library  (Part of Mayworks festival) in Parksville, Canada

June 5– July 11 Art Exhibition in Rochester Contemporary Art Center, NY (USA)

December 3-6 International Mail Art exhibition “L’enfance Mailartee, etc…”in l’Espace Lelievre in Valenciennes (France)
September 19-20 26th International Mail Art exhibition “EMANcipation”  in Luftwaffenmuseum in Berlin (Germany)
July 30 – August 6 International Mail Art exhibition during the Art & Nature Festival of Roc-Castel in Le Caylar (France)
July 28 International Mail Art exhibition “EMANcipation”  in Burgerhalie im Rathaus Minden (Germany)
June 26 International Mail Art exhibition “EMANcipation” in General-Steinhoff-Kaserne in Berlin (Germany)
June 5th International Mail Art exhibition “Los Animales Exoticos en el arte” in Plaza de armas in Durango, Dgo (Mexico)
May 5-29 International Mail Art Project “Culture” at the Crabe Gallery in Jodoigne (Belgium)
March 21-22 International Mail Art Project “Miniatura d’autore” in presso l’Assoaciazione Teatrale I SENZA QUINTE in Olbia (OT) (Italia)
January 3 International Mail Art Project “The last Show of the Shopping Troley Gallery”in London (UK)

April- January, International Identification Document group exhibitions:
    April 4-20, The Museum of Arts and Crafts-ITAMI (Japan)
    August  2-17 – May, in ZAIM in Yokohama (Japan)
    November-December, 2 B Gallery in Budapest (Hungary)
    January 2009, Galerie Kurt im Hirsch in Berlin (Germany)
    February 2009, Galeria Z in Bratislava (Slovakia)
    April 17-May 8 2009, Galeria Ajolote Arte Contemporaneo, Guadalajara (Mexico)
June, Mail Art exhibition group “Artist Workshops” in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
June 11-15, Mail Art Project “From A to Z” in Gradignan (France)
May International Mail Art exhibition “Bake a Book a Day” at Café de l’Opera in Minden (Germany)
May, International Mail Art exhibition“Work Work Work” during Mayworks festival in Arrowsmith Gallery, Parksville, BC (Canada)
April, Mail Art group exhibition at the Hellenic Pagan Festival "Olympieia" in Athens (Greece)
March 19-28, Dimensionist  Worldwide Meeting, an event of the Budapest Spring Festival at Artpool P60 (Hungary)

Mail Art International exhibition “The Snowman” in Sangiorzu-Nou School, Jud. Bistrita-Nasaud (Romania)
November 25 – December 15, Mail-Art International exhibition “What About Croxhapox” in Croxhapox art centre in Gent (Belgium)
September  30, 2nd International Mail-Art exhibition “Global Warming: a Hot Time in the Old Town” in Asylum Gallery (Italy)
August 17 – October 15, International Mail-Art exhibition “Doctor Mail Art Recommends” in gallery “Mailart-Mekka” in Minden (Germany)
June 22, Group animation exhibition in Humanities and Economics Academy in Lodz (Poland) 
April, International exhibition “Reading rats” in public library in Berlin-Zehlendorf (Germany)
March 5 – April 3, “The Bicycle” festival:
     March 5 – March 13, International exhibition in Gallery “Atrebates” in Dozza (Italy)
     March 20 – April 3, International exhibition in Bologna (Italy) 
February 07 – 21, Graphic exhibition,  ŠU gallery (Lithuania)

International Mail-Art exhibition titled“Without papers” in Gallery Art Correo (Spain) 
October 28, Monotypes exhibition in Antipop’s Art festival , Club “Amerika pirtyje” in Kaunas (Lithuania)
September 23 – October 31, “Dream city” festival:
     September 23 – October 01, International Mail-Art group exhibition“Dream City” in Elasona (Greece)
     October 19 – 31, International Mail-Art group exhibition “Dream City” in Larisa (Greece)
September 16 – October 07, Mail-Art exhibition “In the Course of the Water” in Argentan (France)
September – October, 1st Mail-Art group exhibition in Galeri Seni in Shah Alam (Malaysia) (HONORABLE AWARD)
August 4-6, 5th Sea Festival in Velika “The Sea in 100 Postcards”(Greece)
May 01 – October 15, International Mail-Art exhibition Nachtsonne(Night of Sun) in Kunstkammer im Schloss Bartenstein (Germany)
April – September, Print Exchange 4 group exhibitions in USA:
    April, Old Inlet Printmakers Co-Op in Homer, Alaska.
     May, Basil Hallward Gallery in Portland, Oregon.
    June, Sev Shoon Arts Centre in Seattle, Washington.
    September, Rainbow Building Gallery in Gables, Florida.
April 27 – May 31, 5th International Mail-Art biennale“Air-luft-air” in Kunstverein Bad Salzdetfurth e.V. (Germany)
Mail-Art group exhibition “The Earth”  in Bodenburg (Germany)
March – May, Mail-Art group exhibition “Book-Art project” in Artetica's Gallery in Rome (Italy)
February 21 – July 31, International Mail-Art exhibition “Labyrinth” in Budapest (Hungary) 
February 02 –15, Group exhibition “Monotipijos" ŠU gallery in Siauliai (Lithuania)

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