I was compelled to capture this image after checking a neighbour's cottage after a fierce snow storm.  A window had broken and snow covered her antique, fine furniture.  By covering the pencil sketch with sheer, silk organza, the piece changed to a moodier, dark work that changes dramatically depending on the  light.

Об авторе

The core of my practice revolves around deconstructing hte layers surrounding us to discover and reveal th core essence of a being.  To let the story of "who is this" unfold within the imagination of each viewer.

I am a contemporary professional textile artist with a background in traditional quilting.  My goal is to convey and communicate with the fewest notions possible.  To deconstruct and strip away the superfluous. I am drawn to anonymity.  It is the cnadid mystery that I find provocative.


I am a fourth generation quilter.  My work deals with social themes with a strong narrative base.  My practice has evolved from traditional quilting to contemporary and concept based art pieces.  I haver received several grants and exhibited internationally.

Nancy Cole

Aleah's Chair

Год: 2014 Форма искусства: Текстиль Стиль: Реализм Техника: mechanical pencil, shoe polish, silk organza on quilt batting and cotton Размер: 22.00 x 29.00 x 1.00 cm 200
€ 200
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