Painting is the jingle of my inner world which appears in the scene of art over the arrangement of organic colour and gestures of a brush. By designing the colours I am trying to create a peculiar world and a new inner reality, to leave the imprint of myself and to depict the scene of unexpected emotions. Playing with firm and evocative gestures of a brush, I form an enjoyable view of the reflection and the lifelike sweep of the reflection. Over the playful painting I attempt to draw the nature itself out from the rotating shade of reality and to show it in the move of principles obeying only to themselves. Expression of the colours still tells a different revival of a new world, which is seen through my eyes and is felt intuitively rather than racionally. Every piece of work is an original going back to verbal speech where personal experiences rage.

Год: 2017 Форма искусства: Живопись Стиль: Абстракционизм Техника: acrylic on canvas Размер: 110.00 x 110.00 x 2.00 cm 650
€ 650
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